Malta – Welcome Europe Event

Art Director, Laser, Light & Pyro Design Gert Hof
Produced by Asteris Koutoulas for the “Welcome Europe” Consortium, the Maltese Government and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
Executive Producer Tim Dowdall
Event Coordination Andrew Zweck & Nigel Camillieri
Technical Director Steffen Brandt
Programming & Operator Jens Probst
Programming Laser Daniel Brune
Light Equipment Procon MultiMedia AG Hamburg
Projections E/T/C UK Ltd.
Pyro & Fireworks Flash Art GmbH
Pyro Effects Daniel Schwartz
Fireworks & Pyro Coordination Felix Wolff
Laser Equipment laserfabrik showlaser GmbH
Logistics Bauer Concept Berlin
Producers & Local Partner NnG Promotions

Welcome Europe Event, Malta
Official accession of the 10 new member states of the European Union
Client: European Commission
Location: Grand Harbor of Valletta
Music by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd
Live Audience: 120,000 spectators
Global Media Coverage: 1.2 billion TV viewers

Around midnight on April 30th, 2004, Gert Hof staged a spectacular light show at the Grand Harbor of the Maltese capital, Valletta, as the official welcome celebration of European Union's ten new member states. On behalf of the Maltese Government, Hof turned the medieval St. Angelo Fort and the surrounding harbor area into the center of the European celebrations for fifteen joyful and unforgettable minutes. Not only was there a live audience in Valletta of 120.000 people (one third of the Maltese population), trying to secure the best view of the event for themselves, but there were also 1.2 billion TV viewers worldwide, who watched this live, artistic manifestation of European unity. Musically, the production was based on the world premiere of "Ca Ira", an opera composed by Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame. As part of the ZDF contribution to the worldwide simulcast of the EBU, Gert Hof had already welcomed the first four new EU member states one hour earlier, with a light installation at the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. The production in Malta was the climax of the Welcome Europe night of celebrations.

Fort St.Angelo, alle Menschen wurden Brüder angesichts kleiner Boote, orientierungsloser, und Feuer, verzehrender ...
das Ende vom Anfang versteckte sich in einer Rüstung ... my home is my castle ...
Roger Waters ließ die Signale hören und Gert Hof ließ sie blicken



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